We Grow Local

The JACE Group of companies is the next generation of Horticultural management services, providing a fresh approach from the orchard to the consumer. JACE was founded from the need to take the New Zealand kiwifruit and Avocado industries to a higher level of performance and outcomes, both domestically and internationally.

wE MANAGE 800 Ha Kiwifruit Orchards
WE OWN 260 Ha Kiwifruit Orchards
24 Ha Avocado Orchards


We Pack Local

MPAC and APAC packhouse and cool storage facilities make up ten percent of the kiwifruit industry.  MPAC's Tauriko packhouse and cool storage is close to being one of the largest in New Zealand and is by far the most modern and efficient in the industry.

15 Million trays of kiwifruit
350 kgs kiwifruit pollen

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We Build Local

JACE Group are committed to building large scale, efficient and technologically advanced complexes across the Bay of Plenty region.  Catering to the requirements of the community and industries locally, at JACE we don't do things by halves, check out our projects page for information on past and present projects.


We Develop Local

JACE Group companies Southern Orchards and Groplus are in the business of developing greenfield land into full production Kiwifruit and Avocado orchards

land procurement, ownership and orchard development

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